Records of overs in cricket – what number of balls have been bowled in an over earlier than 1979?

Cricket is perhaps the simplest game on the planet which has gone through a number of changes considering that its inception inside the 19th century. The stunning sport has additionally made an effort to maintain up with the wishes and needs of the time. Once in a while, we witness the game incorporating one or any other rule to make the sport simpler.

Records of overs in Cricket

A first-rate alternate became witnessed in the overruling too. At present, six balls constitute an over. However, it becomes now not usually like this. Seeing that 1979/eighty, all take a look at cricket has been performed with six balls per over. However, before that, overs in taking a look at cricket at the start had 4 balls per over. In fact, there had been various numbers of balls in keeping with over round the arena before it six-ball consistent with over become made a regulation.

Prior to the legal guidelines of cricket (1980 code), law 17. 1 (variety of balls [in the over]) did now not explicitly specify the variety of balls to be bowled in an over. The older rule stated that the number of balls in an over would depend on the 2 captains before the toss. Usually, six was the usual range of balls, it becomes no longer constantly the case. From the 1980 code onwards, law 17. 1 turned into amended to examine, “the ball will be bowled from each quit alternately in overs of 6 balls”.

In India, west indies, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates (venue, no longer host) and eire all test suits were performed with six-ball overs. However, the likes of Australia, England, Pakistan, South Africa, and New Zealand had visible special practices.

Here’s a list showing the number of balls in an over in those 5 countries before 1980:

In England:

1880 to 1888: 4
1889 to 1899: 5
1900 to 1938: 6
1939 to 1945: 8
1946 to date: 6

In Australia:

1876/77 to 1887/88: 4
1891/92 to 1920/21: 6
1924/25: 8
1928/29 to 1932/33: 6
1936/37 to 1978/79: 8
1979/80 to date: 6

In South Africa:

1888/89: 4
1891/92 to 1898/99: 5
1902/03 to 1935/36: 6
1938/39 to 1957/58: 8
1961/62 to date: 6

In New Zealand:

1929/30 to 1967/68: 6
1968/69 to 1978/79: 8
1979/80 to date: 6

In Pakistan:

1954/55 to 1972/73: 6
1974/75 to 1977/78: 8
1978/79 to date: 6

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