How to Protect Your Blog from Being Copied

Put thieves on notice

When individuals take content, do they even perceive that they’re stealing? The internet’s propensity for repeating has blurred the idea of possession.

Information needs to be free, right? positive. individuals wish to be free too, however that does not mean we do not demand wages for our labors. It looks that folks have confused the various definitions of the word free.

Still, this raises a relevant purpose. If individuals do not suppose they are stealing, it becomes unbelievably troublesome to prevent them.

Even the only of measures will deter thieves UN agency do not perceive that they’re stealing. take into account adding a number of the subsequent to your website.

Copyright footer. These square measure common and simple to feature to your website. you’ll be able to place the notice right in your footer. © 2014 It’s that straightforward. Note: make certain you retain the year up to this point.

DMCA badge. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act lays out pretty strict copyright rules for digital content. nobody needs to receive a DMCA takedown notice. Use this WordPress plugin to position a DMCA badge in your sidebar, in a very distinguished position thus everybody will see it.

Terms and Conditions page. the matter with a copyright footer: many of us can ne’er see it. that is why the DMCA badge could be a nice addition. Another welcome boost could be a terms and conditions page. you’ll be able to state, in no unsure terms, that you just own the content on the location which isn’t offered for copy. do not know the style to form a T&C page? look into this T&C generator.

Trademark image. Did you recognize that anyone will use the ™ symbol? it’s not reserved for registered emblems. that is the ® image, that you completely cannot use unless you own a federal trademark registration. If you did not understand that, chances are high that many of us conjointly don’t understand that. (Even if you probably did understand that, it still holds true; most of the people don’t understand.) Slap the ™ image on your journal title. It lends you a way of authority and will deter thieves.

Mind your images

Here’s AN oddity regarding repetition on the net. many folks apprehend that repetition text is wrong. academics dedicate entire category sessions to plagiarism. They inform students before each paper that it’s wrong to steal alternative people’s words.

Because we tend to did not embody pictures in papers, we tend to ne’er learned that it’s wrong to steal them, too. maybe that is why folks suppose it’s okay to take something found during a Google pictures search and use it. however even as repetition and pasting text is wrong, therefore is victimization somebody else’s image.

If this follow is therefore widespread, however are you able to shield your own images? If you host original photography on your website, it’s in your interest to guard it. pictures became preponderant on the net. Yours provides you a plus, and you mustn’t divulge that advantage to anyone else.

Here area unit some resources which will assist you manage your website’s pictures.

Preventing right clicks. If you’ve got scrolled down you already apprehend that i do not like this technique. Right clicking on the net is natural. you’ll do far more than simply copy stuff with a right click. This WordPress plugin prevents right clicks solely on pictures, therefore it is not as unhealthy as interference right clicks generally. however it’s still not desirable. Why treat your readers like thieves?

Watermark your pictures. If you’re employed with Photoshop or creative person, watermarking your pictures is straightforward. you’ll even use a WordPress plugin. The downside: watermarking does not stop thieving. folks are going to be less seemingly to recycle a watermarked photograph, at least. the matter is that the usefulness. If you place a watermark within the corner, because the WordPress plugin will, users will simply crop it out. If you place it within the middle, the image gets distorted.

Hotlink interference. generally folks get very lazy. rather than downloading your image and uploading it to their own servers, they’ll simply link to your image. therefore not solely area unit they stealing your work, however they are burdensome your server. How rude. there’s a WordPress plugin that stops alternative sites from hotlinking your files. i like to recommend this generally, on the far side image protection.

Run image searches. If you’ve got some of original pictures on your website, run them through Google Image Search By Image each therefore usually. It will get to be a tedious task, particularly if you’ve got a high volume of original pictures, however you’ll determine content thieves on the spot.

Set up RSS footers

So far I’ve mentioned “people” WHO steal your content. Truth is, humans solely directly steal content during a fraction of instances. it’s additional common for them to line up machine-controlled scrapers to steal your content. And somebody else’s content. And somebody else’s. It’s quite simple to steal large amounts of content.

The unhealthy news: there’s not abundant you’ll do to prevent scrapers. there isn’t any magic code that may send them off from your website. you’ll place in situ deterrents, however several of them hurt your human readers. For example:

Truncated RSS feeds. Sure, they may increase click-through rate. however if you go from a full feed to a truncated feed, you may upset your readers. Subscriber numbers can fall. Is deterring scrapers price pain the those who fancy your site?

If you are beginning a replacement website, maybe setting the tone with a truncated feed can work. Even then, smart scrapers will get by that. Back within the days of Google Reader, there have been many plugins that would flip a truncated feed into a full feed. you think that hand tool bots do not have identical ability?

Unfortunately, another widespread deterrent is not abundant of a deterrent the least bit.

Add associate degree RSS footer. Since the late 00s bloggers have side some reasonably RSS footer to their feeds. It hasn’t deterred several scrapers. the great news is that whereas scrapers will, and sometimes do, take away links from posts, they need a harder time from feed footers. attempt a WordPress plugin like this one. It’s price a attempt, at least.

You can attempt different strategies, like watermarking your photos. This blogger saw a discount within the range of websites that might scrape his content once he watermarked his pictures. As delineated  higher than, watermarking is not a panacea. it’s its own issues. however if it deters many scrapers, maybe it’s a worthy apply. 

Hire a monitoring service

Let’s get real. If you wish to guard your content, you may got to pay. No, this is not some mafia-type job wherever individuals steal your content and demand payment to prevent. There area unit lots of services which will assist you keep track of your content and place thieves on notice.

Before you progress on, this is not for amateur bloggers. If you do not create cash from your web log, then you almost certainly cannot afford to get a observation service. however if you are reading, likelihood is that you create cash. If you do not, that is your goal. If so, you have got an enormous interest in your content. finance in observation and protection can prove worthy.

You can strive a number of completely different choices. I even have my very own preference, that i will share during a minute.

Copyscape. If you wish to grasp once individuals copy your content, you’ll be able to sign on for Copyscape’s copy protection services. it’ll price you a bit: five cents per search, otherwise you will sign on for his or her weekly service. But again, if you worth your content, you’ll need to pay some fee to look at duplicate usage.

Mention. an alternate to Copyscape is alert service It prices $30 per month for the business grade, that is what you’ll have. you’ll be able to came upon ten alerts, that apprise you once another web site has mentioned you. came upon bound phrases among your post, that you recognize area unit distinctive, to check once somebody has traced your work verbatim.

Virtual assistant. Here is that the costliest choice, however conjointly the foremost helpful. As you recognize by currently, you’ll be able to source body tasks to a virtual assistant. it’ll price you a fraction of what you’d pay a regular assistant. (And sensible luck finding a part-time one WHO will do the work well.) associate degree assistant will do a additional thorough job of observation purloined content. not like Mention and Copyscape, a VA will realize pictures, send takedown notices, and file the right DMCA work.

I like the virtual assistant path by a mile. I’ve enjoyed operating with Worldwide101 virtual assistants, as a result of they are doing quite admin tasks. Not solely can they give the impression of being for purloined content, however they’ll take action. After all, what sensible is knowing that individuals scarf your content if you are doing nothing concerning it? an honest VA will draft takedown notices, file DMCA work, and handle reach on your behalf. it’d be additional expensive than Mention or Copyscape, however the investment is worth it.

DO NOT prevent right clicks

Before wrapping up, i would like to impart one necessary lesson. obtaining your content taken may be a frustrating expertise. nobody enjoys it. generally we will react and do things we’ll later regret.

Please, for the love of your readers, don’t stop right clicking generally. It’s unhealthy enough if you are doing it for pictures. If you stop right click on your entire web site, i am effort. several others ar effort. Not solely ar we have a tendency to ne’er coming, however we’re planning to a challenger.

Even if you’re distinctive in your trade, i will notice an alternate. riddance right clicks is downright offensive. you are voice communication the sole reason to right click is to steal. that is ridiculous. perhaps i would like to open a link in an exceedingly new tab — thus I will continue your website. perhaps i would like to use the various plugins I actually have with right-click capabilities. perhaps i would like to try to to any of the dozen stuff you will do with right click that do not involve copy and paste.

And you recognize what? perhaps i would like to copy/paste a sentence to share. If you stop Maine from sharing your content except on your actual terms, then i am not interested. There ar too several sites on the online. I will pay my time in an exceedingly million alternative ways. Why would I pay it on your website, if you are treating Maine sort of a criminal the instant I visit?


No matter what proportion work you place into protective your work, folks and computers can steal it. the net may be a copy machine. that is the nature of the beast. you’ll be able to solely settle for it, and so take measures to create it less harmful for your journal and your business.

(Though this could tell you plenty concerning the character of business on the net. If you base your business on things that others will simply copy, you may be in bother.)

When you are beginning out and little, undertake these tasks yourself. Let folks understand that your content isn’t unengaged to take. Use free tools to check World Health Organization has used your content. Install the mandatory plugins.

As you grow, you’ll have additional power. register for alert services. Or higher nonetheless, rent a virtual assistant to require care of that task. you’ll have some facilitate anyway — nobody will have it off alone.

Your content is your advantage in business. do not let others subtract your advantage. stay high of content thieving.

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