How to check PUBG Server Ping?

If you are facing Network Lag during your PUBG Mobile Emulator gameplay, and you are like “Is it my internet is terrible?” or “Am I connected to any other planet?”.

Don’t worry, these steps will help you to find out you, is it really your network issue or your device is not capable to play the game on PUBG Mobile Emulator.

How to find out PUBG Server Location?

  • Start the PUBG Mobile Emulator and start the game.
  • Once you are loaded into the lobby, press Alt+Tab and launch the Resource Monitor (A Default Windows tool to inspect your system resources on any Vista or higher operating system).
  • Go to the Network Tab and Tick on the box next to AndroidEmulator.exe.
  • In the Network Activity section, look for connections to an address that begins with “ec2” and finishes with “”, the one with the biggest Send activities, that one is possible PUBG server. I’m not entirely sure what all the other connections are for.
  • That Amazon AWS server address contains the region code, which tells you where Amazon AWS is hosting it. Also, to which server (Location) you are connected.

You can get a full list of region codes and locations here:

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